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Obesity and Food Sensitivity

​Childhood obesity is quickly becoming epidemic in the US, as food in general is less nutritious, contains a high number of additives and even potential toxins - such as high levels of glyphosate  (herbicide) found in breakfast cereals.  Many of these additives disturb the body's basic metabolic processes leading to abnormal weight gain and obesity related health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension - even in young children! At Balanced Healthcare, we offer a comprehensive program to assist parents in identifying and choosing quality food options for their families.

Additionally, we are finding that many children are developing significant food sensitivity related autoimmunity conditions, which become potentially life threatening long term illness as they grow. Identifying and eliminating inflammatory foods is key to breaking this cycle. At Balanced Healthcare, we provide a full range of food sensitivity testing and offer a number of strategies to assist parents in navigating mealtimes to eliminate food sensitivity based symptoms and prepare your child with positive nutrition education to foster life long healthy eating habits.

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Child Obesity
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