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Medical Conditions

Complex medical illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, POTS, PANS, PANDA, Chronic Lyme’s, treatment resistant depression etc.

Autoimmune conditions – we provide alternative therapies to Rheumatologic therapies and/or medications either as adjunct to these therapies or as a stand-alone treatments depending on the severity of the condition and the desire of the patient.  We will explore the root cause of their autoimmunity to improve their current autoimmune condition and to prevent the development of other autoimmune conditions
Behavioral problems (such as ADD/ADHD, anger issues, autism). We will work with children/parents not wanting to take medication or wanting to improve symptoms while taking medication or wanting to get off meds
GastroIntestinal (GUT) problems in both kids and adults (including but not limited to:  chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, Dysbiosis, SIBO, leaky GUT)
Hormone imbalances in Men and Women (Pre-menstrual Syndrome, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, Perimenopause, Menopause symptoms, Low sex drive,  Low Testosterone, )
Thyroid Problems including autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto's and Graves Disease)
Food sensitivities
Fatigue and Adrenal problems
Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and overly sensitive people (to foods, medications, environment like smells, mold etc)
Mood & Psychiatric problems – depression, anxiety, OCD, Bipolar

NeuroDegenerative Conditions such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other Dementia
Mold Toxicity
Lyme’s and other chronic infection diseases such as EBV and parasites 
Pre-diabetes, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes 
Weight Gain (and the inability to lose weight)

Assessing cardiac risk and helping with the decrease of overall cardiac risk
Genetic & Epigenetic counseling
Help with reducing or eliminating pharmaceutical medication
Immune problems and immune support
Chronic Pain Conditions – We do not prescribe narcotic medication
Acute Injuries including concussion
Any Chronic Disease

Natural Herbs
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