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FAQ - What to Expect

Initial Appointment

To book an appointment you can call or text our office (605-646-7158) or use the "Contact Us" box below. We usually respond within one business day to inquiries. When we contact you, we will ask for an email address where we can send our new patient enrollment forms. We do not book new patient visits until the forms have been returned as they are required by our providers when they see you.

Once we have received your forms we will reach out to schedule your appointment. New Patient Visit rates vary depending on the provider seen, we will discuss pricing with you when you book your appointment.    We are a cash pay/fee for service clinic and do not accept any insurance payments.  We will happily provide you with necessary medical documentation should you wish to file on your own.

Each new patient appointment lasts approximately 45- 60 mins as you discuss your past medical history, current medical issues and proposed treatment plan with the provider. Depending on the treatment plan, you may need to spend an additional half hour with a medical support professional to set up testing, etc. following your time with the provider.

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Testing and Interventions

Our approach relies on many different lab tests to identify underlying root cause sources of illness and dysfunction. For patients new to Functional Medicine, many of these tests may seem unusual. Rest assured that our providers are fellowship trained in Functional Medicine and are current on emerging science through continuing education, and they will fully explain each test's purpose and impact on your treatment plan before you commit to performing the test. You, the patient have the final say regarding testing and other interventions.

Along with testing your provider may recommend you begin herbal or dietary supplement therapy. We stock several brands of pharmaceutical grade medical supplements and our herbal remedies are provided by an internationally renowned herbologist. While our Board Certified Physician Medical Director has extensively reviewed each of our products for medical purity and efficacy, patients are never under obligation to purchase any supplement. We encourage patients to extensively research recommended supplements as we have found informed patients are generally more compliant with interventions.

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Treatment Plans

Every treatment plan is customized for the individual patient depending on clinical presentation and patient desire. While we strive to be as comprehensive as possible, it is ultimately you, the patient, that dictates the treatment plan. Our methodology requires active participation by the patient in concert with the treatment team. Conventional Western Medicine can often be described as "something done to you" whereas Functional Medicine is generally "something done with you".

Generally speaking, treatment for a single medical issue may be resolved in as few as 2 or 3 visits, while more complex multi-system or multi-dysfunction illness may require a more protracted plan. Our providers are well versed in addressing multi-system illness and can often manage multiple infirmities with a single comprehensive treatment plan utilizing the myriad tools and training at their disposal.

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Financial Considerations

 Exact costs are hard to quantify as each patient’s treatment plan is customized for the patient’s personal needs but below are general guidelines of what to expect. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff with your specific questions.

A new patient visit usually lasts 45-60 mins.   Our providers bill by time, and a new patient appointment will run between $300 and $400. As part of developing your treatment plan, the provider may recommend testing and other interventional therapy such as dietary supplements, hormone therapy or herbal medications. Cost for these interventions vary widely, from a few dollars for some supplements to hundreds of dollars for some tests. New patients who have not previously had functional testing performed and are not currently taking high quality dietary supplements should budget between $500 and $1000 for these one-time expenses. Supplements and herbal remedies are usually recurring periodic expenses that vary between a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per month. Follow up visits are usually scheduled monthly but again, are based on a patient’s unique circumstances and needs. Follow up visits can last up to an hour depending on patient need. The first few follow up visits are usually longer and more extensive as the provider and patient work together to address multiple issues, while later visits become shorter and more spread out once patients begin to see therapeutic benefit.

We do not accept insurance assignment for payment.  We will gladly provide appropriate medical documentation to allow you to file with your insurance company yourself if you wish. While we are happy to assist you with providing required documentation as needed, please be aware that we charge for provider time spent completing forms or pursuing authorizations, even if you are not present while they are completing documentation on your behalf. Frequently our patients credit expenses incurred toward meeting deductible and out-of-network expenses for their plan, we encourage you to check with your plan to see how they address these requirements. Also, many HSA and flexible spending plans reimburse for out of pocket medical supplement and testing expense.

Some lab testing may be covered by your insurance plan. Our providers may refer you to recommended lab testing facilities that we know provide a quality patient experience, but you are under no obligation to use that testing facility. Our clinic is not directly involved with the testing and cannot intervene with your insurance company regarding lab testing coverage or reimbursement. We strongly encourage you to consult with your insurance carrier BEFORE scheduling testing if you intend to file a claim, as many plans have strict rules regarding using participating lab testing companies.

We charge a $50 fee for appointments that are canceled less than 24 hours before their scheduled time.

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