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Our providers are traditionally trained Medical Doctors (MD) and Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP) who believe that our bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves if given the proper resources and support.  We work with our patients and their own bodies to restore balance and promote healing.


Balanced Healthcare provides medical care using Functional Medicine practices to address the root cause of common medical problems as well as complex medical conditions. 

Our approach uses both traditional and integrative practices but emphasizes supporting our bodies own innate healing systems.  We try to treat patients as naturally as possible with targeted supplementation, diet, movement and herbal therapies and only resort to pharmaceutical medication when necessary.

When needed, we will employ the use of specialized laboratory testing to help in establishing the imbalance(s) and diagnosis.  This allows a more precise and personalized treatment plan.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a systems-oriented approach that seeks to understand and address the underlying cause of disease instead of merely treating the symptoms of disease. In a partnership with patients, we utilize a variety of nutritional, lifestyle and hormonal treatments to detect, quantify and correct a wide variety of common illnesses and dysfunctions and improve health. Functional Medicine looks beyond traditional treatments to help you be your healthiest self. We take the entire picture into consideration, including medical history, personal risk issues, medications, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Common medical complaints we see include: chronic fatigue, trouble sleeping, unexpected weight gain or recurring infections. Or, you might be experiencing aches, pains, bloating and worsening menopausal symptoms. Many times, internal inflammation is to blame.

Some of the main concerns that we address are:


Weight Gain

Sleep Problems

Thyroid dysfunction
Hormone imbalances
Gut dysfunction

Chronic & Acute Pain

High stress
Behavioral Problems in Children (ADD/ADHD, anger, anxiety, autism)

 Some of our interventional therapies include:
Natural Hormone Replacement
Lipid Therapy
Pharmaceutical Grade dietary supplements
Herbal Medicine

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”


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