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Our Product Recommendations

This is your Product Recommendation Page! It's a great opportunity to shop these hand picked products that our providers know and trust. We've done the research so you don't have to! Be sure to check this page periodically to see what other products were added.


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Air Doctor

Air Doctor models remove particles 100 times smaller than your standard HEPA filters. Quiet performance, UltraHepa Filter, Dual Action Carbon/Gas

Trap/Voc Filter, Auto Mode & Sensor, Sealed System & Change Filter alert.

Austin Air

Austin Air filters use a combination of True Medical HEPA and Activated Carbon, to specifically target particulate contamination and chemical toxicity + is made is with non-toxic materials.

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Therasage uses full Spectrum InfraRed Frequencies - Includes Near to Far Infrared while shielding harmful EMF’s, ELF's, and RF's. See all the incredible benefits on their website. 


Branch Basics

All natural plant and mineral based ingredients that provide your home with a simple, powerful, and safe multi-purpose non-toxic cleaner.

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EC3 Mold Solution

Keep your hard and soft surfaces bacteria free. Also use on clothes, towels and sheets. Providing the best non-toxic products for mold and musty smell cleaning.

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